New Online Store Coming Soon

If you’ve noticed a small decrease in updates from the very large marketing department at Howard Brothers in recent days, it is because we’re frantically working on some finishing touches on the new online store.

This has been a longtime goal for Howard Brothers and will become a reality in less than 30 days. The new online store will feature many of the products and brands that make Howard Brothers a go to destination for our customers. You will be able to see much of the inventory that we have in our stores in one place, research information about the products, and get pricing.

A website is never done, and this will be no different. We’ll be continuing to improve the content and add products. When we first started architecting the site, we knew that we’d have to build it in stages. Much of our store will have images and descriptions while other pages will have minimum information. We’ve been focusing on products such as pocket knives, power tools, and other items that we know will receive immediate attention from folks searching.

Other products from vendors such as Big Green Egg and STIHL will not allow us to post prices or take orders, but we can show the product and availability… so this has meant that we have to customize the results pages for these items.

Challenging? Yes. Fun? Yes.

We also have some exciting features baked into this launch that are going to take a little longer to see daylight, but we’re going to make it easier for our customers who have house accounts to create custom catalogs of common items that they order, place orders, check stock, check balance of their account, and make payment.

We’re excited. Hope you are too. Check out some of the pics below.

White Howard Brothers Logo
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