Howard Brother’s Service Department is committed to increasing your productivity by providing quality service in a timely manner using professionally trained technicians and knowledgable, courteous staff. Each fall we offer service schools where specialists from the manufacturers come to Howards to train your in-house technicians with routine maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.

Why We Only Service Brands that We Sell

Below are some common labor prices for some of the services that we offer. This doesn’t include parts or shop supplies.

Service Price
Mower Blade Sharpening $12.99 on / $8.99 off
Carburetor Cleaning $42.99
Rebuild 2-cycle Carburetor $41.99
Chainsaw Chain Sharpening $13.99 on / $11.99 off
Carbide Chainsaw Chain Sharpening $26.99 on / $22.99 off
Lubricate Machine $11.99
Reel Backlap $69.99
Tire Plug $7.99
Hedge Trimmer Sharpening $32.99 1 side / $41.99 2 side
Axe Sharpening $11.99
Reel Mower Sharpening $142.99
Service Backpack / Handheld Blower $41.99
Service Commercial Rider $98.99
Service Chainsaw $41.99
Service Cut Saw $48.99
Service Engine $48.99
Service Generator $48.99
Service 21″ Push Mower $62.99
Service Pressure Washer $48.99
Service Reel Mower $56.99
Service Residential Lawn Tractor $90.99
Service Residential Rider $79.99
Service Street Blower $48.99
Service Stick Edger $41.99
Service Line Trimmer $41.99

In most cases, we can estimate the cost of service, but if we need to tear down a piece of equipment to diagnose the problem we charge $42 for the estimate. If any additional labor is needed that is above and beyond normal service, our hourly labor rate is $84/hr.


At Howard Brothers, we realize that few landscape professionals have sufficient, if any, backup equipment. With our ZERO DOWN TIME program you not only have backup equipment, but it is brand new. The minimal cost of this program makes the decision simple. You pay a one-time flat fee for 2 years of coverage for 4-stroke equipment and 1 year coverage for hand-held, 2-stroke equipment. Ask us for more details.