Pinecar / Pinebox Derby Supplies Now Instock

Gentlemen… Start Your Engines!

Maybe it should be… Gentlemen… Graphite Your Axles!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.01.34 AMIf you’ve been in our Duluth and Oakwood hardware stores, no doubt you’ve seen the pinecar derby displays near the cashiers. We’ve always had that rush of folks coming in looking for weights and supplies to make their car look and race better, so we decided that it was time to bring in specific materials that were made and designed for pinecar racing! We brought in pinecar derby supplies from Woodland Scenics last fall and have had a lot of positive reaction to them from our customers.

We have everything from full car blocks and kits, to decorative details like decals and skins. We have weights and lubricants to make your car speed down the track and we have tools that are specially designed to give you an upper hand when your car is matched up against others.

Come on in and check out the products, or you can check out and purchase Pinecar / Pinebox Derby Supplies online.

Everything we sell complies with BSA race specifications when used with BSA wheels and nail-type axles, in accordance with local race rules. Check your local rules for more information.

Just curious… if we held a Howard Brothers Race this summer… would you be interested?

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