Power Equipment Tune-ups Aren't Just for Early Spring

Summertime is in full swing, and everything is continually growing and in bloom (that’s why you’re still sneezing and coughing), which means that even though the afternoon thunderstorms are brewing, the rain doesn’t completely wash away the dust and dirt left behind from yard clippings, grass pollens and the like.

If you’re hurting after a day of working outside… chances are your lawn mower is hurting too. Let this be a good reminder that it is a great time to think about the power equipment you use, and check up on your equipment to make sure they’re running at optimum performance.

DSC_0055Lawn Mower Tune-up In the Summer

Lawn Mower: Whether gas or electric, your lawn mower could probably use a tune-up for the summer season.

  • Check/change the oil – Lube it up! Don’t allow your engine to fail because you neglected oil.
  • Sharpen blades – Did you know that dull blades not only effect your grass, but can cause strain on your mower?
  • Change the spark plug – The last think you want to do is worry about your mower starting when you’d rather be sitting at the pool vs cutting grass.
  • Check and replace the air filter to avoid added stress on the mower
  • Clean out undercarriage to free it of debris – Such a simple thing you should be doing each time you use your mower. Protect your investment.
  • Drain the gas (if applicable) – Never allow gas to sit more than 2 or 3 weeks in equipment between uses. Fuel will go bad and wreak havoc on your fuel line, carburetor, and other parts.

Tune up those Trimmers and Edgers during Summer Too!

Trimmers/Edgers:  Used to keep your yard looking polished, trimmers and edgers are just as important to maintain.  Using the same tune-up list as the lawn mower, here are some more tips:

  • Have extra spare line and blades on hand and replace if needed – You know the frustration that will happen if you run out.
  • Lubricate moving parts for smoother operation

Blowers aren’t just for Fall. Keep them Maintained in the Summer Too!

Leaf Blowers: The convenient and fastest way to move yard debris, leaf blowers are the efficient way to clean up your yard or driveway.

  • Fresh Gas. Fresh Gas. Fresh Gas.
  • Clean the blades and carburetor
  • Check connections
  • Change spark plug
  • Check fuel filter and fuel line

Protect your Small Engine and Power Equipment Investments

Never neglect your equipment.  Simple maintenance routines to your small engine yard equipment will prolong the life of them, prevent any damage, and allow you to protect your investment, while allowing you to breath easier.

Howard Brothers can help you with simple small engine yard equipment maintenance.  Visit or call any of our four Atlanta area locations.

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