Propane / LP Gas Prices Changing Daily

The winter weather has done more than affect the roads and school closings. We’ve seen dramatic price changes on products that people need to stay comfortable. Products like ice melt and heaters have been scarce and other products like Propane and Kerosene have been greatly affected by demand not only here in Atlanta and North Georgia, but in the rest of the country as well.

1622873_10152186688086768_2052468481_nWe have tried to keep our pricing locked into our ‘standard’ price as long as we could, but just like you’re seeing prices of gasoline fluctuate from day to day, we too will have to make a change in our pricing on Propane at our stores.

We will be monitoring this closely and we will adjust as availability changes. Hopefully this will be short lived and it will be back to normal soon.

For now, here are our prices for standard size propane tank refills. (remember, we fill based on weight and you normally get more propane for your money at a refill station versus an exchange station.)

As of today, 2/11/14, here are our prices:

  • 20lb propane tank refill = $24.99
  • 30lb propane tank refill = $37.99
  • 33lb propane tank refill (forklift style) = $44.99
  • 40lb propane tank refill = $50.49
  • 100lb propane tank refill = $119.49
  • “By the Gallon/RV/Truck” = $4.99/gallon


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