Pulled Pork Baked Potato on a Traeger


Why just do pulled pork sandwiches, when you can use the pulled pork on a potato! Jason Clark, our resident Traeger expert, does pork butts for events at the store all the time, so we asked him to do another one for a video! Jason shows how he mixes, injects, seasons, and cooks the pork butt at home, and how he transports it (keeping it scorching hot) to our store for use the next day. We bake potatoes on the Traeger Grill, shred the pork and make a feast for our employees. It’s an EASY recipe and process, but sometimes will cause rookie Traeger’rs to pause and go back to what’s safe. Your Traeger wants to cook for a long time. Try it out! Traeger Grills are available at Howard Brothers in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood, Georgia. Stop... don't buy online. Just stop by our store and say hello. We'd love to serve you.

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