With Christmas looming right around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about Christmas gift shopping for the kids! And what better way to brighten those wide eyes on Christmas morning than a brand new RadioFlyer? They have a vintage look and feel to them which brings so much nostalgia, but your kids will have a blast riding around in the driveway with their new set of wheels.

We’ve set it before and we’ll say it again. At Howard Brothers, we proudly stands behind the products we sell! RadioFlyer takes pride in creating quality products that ensure pure and simple fun for every child. In today’s technology driven world, you’ll find more kids playing indoors on their tablets or smart phones than you’ll find outside making up their own games. It’s important to help drive imagination and creativity. RadioFlyer and Howard Brothers plans to inspire just that.

This Christmas, make sure you stop by Howard Brothers to check out these beautifully crafted bicycles and wagons! They’re so great, EVEN TESLA, has partnered with them to create the first ever Lithium Ion Battery Powered ride for kids!


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