Get Real. Get Outside.

We are very proud of our relationship with STIHL. We are one of the largest STIHL dealers in Metro Atlanta, all of Georgia and even the southeast United States.

STIHL has always been supportive of Independent Dealers. In fact, on their website, they explain that while they have nothing against Big Box Retailers:

But when it comes to distributing, marketing and selling our power equipment, we prefer to keep it in the family. Always have. That’s why STIHL is proud to be one of a few power equipment manufacturers to sell its products exclusively through independent servicing Dealers rather than mass merchants.

STIHL even stepped up and helped create a movement and website called Independent We Stand. It is a website that is all about promoting independently owned businesses across the country and reaching out to their communities and educating their peers about the benefits of buying local.

So, when I saw this video that STIHL (Australia) created, it made me excited to be a part of the STIHL family again.

I hope that this campaign will make its way to the USA. I love that STIHL is emphasizing the importance of relationships. Especially in our virtual world with Social Media Platforms and online persona, we need to remember that we need to “Get Real. Get Outside.”

We hope that you will see Howard Brothers as more than a vendor. We want to be your partner. We want to be your friend. We’re not the big box retailer. We want to be THE place you go to when you need superior customer service. We want you to think of Howard Brothers when you need someone to take the time to listen to you and help you succeed in your goals. We want to be the place that has hard to find items and can help you get in and out when you are in a rush.

And we want to do it again and again and again. By doing so, we feel that you will be our greatest viral marketing campaign. You’ll tell your circle of influence and they will tell theirs.

We’re here for you and hope to see you in our stores soon.

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