Reminder about Ethanol – July 2014

It’s been a while since we have mentioned the dangers about Ethanol in our fuels. I have no idea who Toby Tobin is, but apparently he is a news guy in Kansas City. Regardless, let his news report be a reminder to you to watch your fuels!


Now, I wouldn’t totally rely on the treatments for fuel. It is necessary with todays fuels to do this, and ethanol shield and star tron are great products to try out, the biggest thing you can do is buy STIHL MotoMix, or TruFuel, or any of the 4 cycle or premixed fuels… But the other thing you should do is USE the gas you buy quicker. Don’t let it sit more than a couple weeks. Do not expect the Gas that is stored in that 5 gallon container to be good fuel 2-3 months later. Get a smaller gas can for refills and use the gas up that you have!

You can also check out what Clark Howard had to say about Ethanol when he visited our Duluth store a while back.

Remember to Get a Healthy Fuel Hygiene!

E15 Ethanol Label
E15 Ethanol Label
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