Who Sells Bulk Screws and Fasteners in Atlanta?

Who sells bulk screws in Atlanta? We do.

A lot of places have gotten away from the old magnet/scale system of weighing out popular fasteners, but we still make them available to the customer.

bulk fasteners in Atlanta

Sometimes, it is nice to buy a 1 pound box of drywall screws, but other times you just need a few to finish up a small project. Perhaps you’d like to mix and match an assortment of screws so that you have a variety to meet your occasional need. (Of course we also love it when a construction crew or builder comes in and buys a 1/4 keg or 50 pound box of the screws they need to finish their job.)

We’ve got coarse and fine thread drywall screws, finish screws, framing screws, yellow zinc wood screws, galvinized decking screws and stainless steel decking screws. But what you probably don’t realize we have is bulk self drilling screws. We carry MANY types of metal self drilling screws. Hex head, hex washer head, flat head, wafer head and  pan head phillips.

All sold by the pound.

It’s always cool to watch people when they see our fastener selection the first time. None of our stores are the same. They each have their own character and feel, but the fastener section is a definite destination spot inside the stores. The rows and bens and boxes of fasterners can be overwhelming which is why we do our best to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

We’ve got the years of calloused hands from weighing out bulk screws to prove we know our fasteners.


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