September 2017 Bargains of the Month

Another month has passed and we are excited to be in September! Get ready, tailgate season is here so build up your appetite for burgers and hotdogs! But in all seriousness, now is the time to start preparing both your homes and cars for colder weather. Hopefully some (if not all) of the items chosen in our September Bargains of the Month will help you in prepping for Fall.

Ant Killer and Bait   

So it’s no secret that as soon as temperatures begin to drop, the ants start looking for ways inside your home. You would too if you were cold and hungry right? Well the best way to rid your home of these pesky guests is by taking preventative measures. Block their points of entry with bait, and use ant killer to protect the rest of your home. We’ve got Terro on sale this month with a KILLER 2 for $8 combo!

Product Description: Pre-filled trays contain ready-to-use bait that will not spill or drip. Kills all common household ants in the kitchen basement, garage, bathroom, bedroom, work area, etc.

Product Description: Provides a 5-ft. band around the exterior of an average-size home’s foundation. It kills ants, fleas, ticks, cockroaches and spiders. Comes in an easy-to-use shaker bag and does not require any type of spreader for applying product.


Gal. Antifreeze/Coolant

Since we will begin to feel cooler weather, this would be a good time to think about your engine cooling system. Regular inspections and maintenance are important to help your car last! Which is why it’s important to follow recommended coolant change intervals. Lucky for you, we’ve included antifreeze in our bargains of the month.



Gal. 50/50 Prediluted Antifreeze/Coolant 


So now that you know the importance of using antifreeze for proper car maintenance, you should know there are different types. This blend consists of 50% antifreeze and 50% demineralized water. Be sure to check this out if you’re looking for the right coolant. It meets or exceeds ASTM D3306 and D4985 standards for corrosion protection for cars and light duty trucks while providing reliable freeze-up and boil[-over protection.




20lb. Black Oil Sunflower Seed Bird Seed and 14lb. Songbird Seed

Autumn is a great time to feed birds. When you keep your feeders full, you’ll see a variety of different migrating birds passing through the area. And better believe that you will see an increase of birds in your backyard next season!  Whether you’re a professional birder or a novice bird enthusiast, black oil sunflower seeds and song bird seeds will help you spot more birds in the fall. That’s why we have included those seeds in our September Bargains of the Month!


4.75 Gal. Drive-Kote 500 Filler and Sealer  

Now is the time to treat yourself and give your driveway a little curb appeal. For our September Bargains of the Month we’ve included this 4.75 Gallon barrel of Drive-Kote 500 filler & Sealer for only $20!

Product details:

Renews Blacktop Surfaces, Enhanced With Latex, 5 Year Durability,Two Thin Coats Recommended, Apply Second Coat 3 – 6 Hours After The First Coat, Apply Perpendicular To The First Coat, Approximate Coverage For Driveways In Average Condition: 350 SQFT/5 Gallon Pail.

  • Enhanced with Latex
  • Renews blacktop surfaces
  • Contains sand particles to help fill small cracks; contains latex to help durablity


17oz. Household Cleaner

Who says you can only give your house a good clean in the spring? Any clean home is a happy home so keep up with the cleaning regimen in the fall as well. We’ve included  17oz. Household Cleaners for a bargain price of only $3.99 for September’s bargain of the months! This special is for all four different types of surfaces: stainless steel, granite, carpet and wood, and countertop.



15oz. Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel

We already established the importance of having a clean home in the fall. But you want to make sure it smells clean long after you’ve finished scrubbing the floors. This odor removing gel by Fresh Wave is sure to do the trick.

This 16 OZ containter of Fresh Wave Continuous Release Crystal Gel safely neutralizes & eliminates odors for continuous-release odor control. You can place it near pet areas, musty closets, basements, garages or any areas where odors are stubborn and lingering. To use you can Just keep the jar open and place it where desired or pour into a wide mouth container.


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