Who is on your Fantasy Hardware and Power Equipment Team?

How many fantasy football leagues are you in this year? Me… I’ve got two. I’ve got a family league that I have been a part of for the past 3 years. It started out when my oldest daughter and I drafted that first year. She was 7 at the time. I believe we picked that season based upon animals and jersey color… I think that strategy allowed us to draft Peyton Manning because he was a member of the Colts.  I am also a part of a league that consists of a few guys who are friends and others I do not know at all. We’ve been playing together for 3 or 4 seasons. Some of those guys are really into the strategy.

Fantasy Football drafts are always a fun time. You can easily tell the guys who have no idea what they’re doing. They draft someone who is likely going to get cut before week 1 or someone who is already on the injured reserve. In preparation for my second draft, I began to think that it would be interesting to build a fantasy team with some of the hardware brands and outdoor power equipment brands we carry. Are you ready for some football?

Running Backs

Football fans will argue whether you have a running attack that allows you to throw the ball, or if you have a good passing scheme that allows you to run.  Old school football is typically achieved by the running backs who continuously pound the ball.We represent a lot of old school brands who are relentless in their attack. Like veteran running backs, they keep their feet churning towards the line of scrimmage.

When I think power, I think Honda Generators. They may look little, but they can deliver power when called upon.  They are powerful, efficient, versatile. When your team has a Honda Generator, you want to find opportunities to plug it in so that others can see and hear it.

But some running backs rely on finesse and speed. They make performance look easy. They have the ability to slow down the game around them and deliver results like none other. Those traits remind me of the Big Green Egg and STIHL right?

Think about it. The Big Green Egg and STIHL are like that running back who grew up playing high school football in the state of Georgia. You started overhearing folks talk about this kid who was amazing. Then you saw a televised game and started to get the taste of him. Then he made the decision official and committed to sticking with the local team because he saw loyalty a key component to his success. He’s now made it to the pros and has made it clear that he will not consider the offers of the big box teams trying to entice him to play for them. He still values loyalty to the guys who gave him the chance the play in the first place. He realizes that if he is successful, they will be successful. Big Green Egg and STIHL are committed to the success of the small business.

Defensive and Offensive Linemen

You don’t normally draft linemen in a fantasy football league, although you do typically draft a team’s defense. But the war that happens in the trenches that is the line of scrimmage, is a major part of the game.

Linemen are big. At minimum, they want to hold their ground, but really they want to push. If you’re a defensive lineman, you are pushing towards the quarterback. You want to disrupt the play in action. You want to stop anything that comes at you. Offensive linemen likewise are blocking and depending on the play, they want to create time for the quarterback and they want to create space for running backs to execute their play.

When you look around one of our stores, the linemen are easy to spot. Heavy steel and red iron are all over the sales floor. We even line them up like an offensive or defensive line. We have the All Americans from Nebraska, eXmark. We have the beasts from Ohio, Ventrac. We have the orange machines from the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, SCAG. And to top it off, they’re surrounded by quality teammates Walker, Billy Goat, Tru-Cut, Snapper and Little Wonder.

Tight End

Since we’re in Atlanta, when I think Tight End, I think Tony Gonzalez. That guy is a specimen of achievement. He has huge soft hands. What does that mean? That means that he has an amazing ability to stab the ball out of the air and bring it down to his body, often times while he is being sandwiched by two defenders.

This one is a stretch, but I think about Traeger Smokers. They make everything just look easy. Plug it in and let it do its job. The soft hands of the tight end reminds me of how you can slow cook on it and create soft succulent meals.

Wide Receivers

Most football teams who put up large numbers on the scoreboard have dynamic wide receivers who have the ability to embarrass the opposing defense. They rely on speed and precision to be where they need to be and perform the way intended. Today’s passing heavy teams are the innovators when it comes to creating blocking schemes that allow their receivers to hit their marks and be in step when the football reaches them.

A few brands that we carry come to mind when I look through these traits. I think Milwaukee Electric Tool. They’re the veteran receiver who is tried and true, but their innovation and development is building better, stronger, and versatile tools that can be used to fill very specific needs. They are students of the game and study what to do, where to be and when to be there.

Likewise I think of Makita. They’ve built a name for themselves over the years and you always have to consider them when drafting your team. They have a wide range of tools at their disposal and can come in handy in both long and short yardage situations.

I also think of brands like Carhartt, Georgia Boot, Leatherman, Case and Kershaw. They are serious about production. These are definitely guys you want on your team. They are confident in their abilities, but they also have the ability to make those around them look like stars. They are loyal to their team, and their team is loyal to them.


Last but definitely not least… the quarterback.The quarterback could be the most important position on the team.

  • He needs to be able to know the playbook so that he can execute with little margin of error.
  • He needs to quickly assess the situation to be sure that problems do not occur with the play.
  • He needs to be able to quickly call an audible if he sees a mismatch that would give his team an advantage.
  • He needs to show confidence so that his team will trust him in difficult situations.
  • He needs to trust his team to have his back when his focus is downfield.
  • He needs to have some longevity with his team

Call me vain, but I think that quarterback isn’t a brand we carry… That quarterback is US. We are constantly educating ourselves on problems and projects that have your attention. When you come to us for a solution to your problem, we plan on assessing the entire field and executing the best play for your situation. We want to be the place that you consider when you have a problem.

There are a lot of options in the landscaping industry and the DIY world. Howard Brothers has been playing this game for many years. We’ve built a dynasty and don’t have to take a year off to rebuild. We’re at the top of the game every season. We aren’t just a star on the field. We are also deeply involved in our community. We want you to be our fans hope you’ll want to wear our jersey and be a passionate fan and cheerleader for us.

Who is on your Fantasy Hardware and Power Equipment Team?


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  1. Not only are the customers our fans but we are as much if not more their fans and here ready and willing to assist as them as a team leader . Building a better community environment for everyone around with a huge family of cheerleaders together as a whole. For a Brighter future .

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