Why You Should Shop at Local Hardware Stores

This article is a guest post from our friends at Independent We Stand. Independent We Stand is a buy local advocacy group that is co-sponsored by STIHL Inc. and Fiat Chrysler BusinessLink and helps connect consumers with the small businesses like Howard Brothers. Whether you’re looking for hardware, a new tool, a gift for family and friends, or a new restaurant to try, Independent We Stand’s local business search and mobile app can help you find it. Download the app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play, and check out our website at www.independentwestand.org for more buy local blogs.



When it comes to taking care of your home, you need supplies and tools that will work and you can count on. That’s where local hardware stores, like Howard Brothers, come in handy. These stores offer quality products, expert advice, top-notch service and an incomparable commitment to the community.

Local businesses are known for their outstanding customer service, which makes them the best place to find products and ask questions. Is your lawnmower making an unfamiliar (and unattractive) noise? Are you unsure about the difference between deck nails and finishing nails? These questions are best answered by an expert – someone who has used the products in his or her own life and knows what works. At local hardware stores, employees take a personal approach to each customer’s needs, and they make recommendations based on years of personal experience. You take your home seriously, and so do locally owned hardware stores.

Local businesses also take the community seriously. They support the local community by returning 3x more to the local economy then big box hardware stores. What’s more, local businesses have been proven to raise home values in the communities they serve. According to a study by American Express, neighborhoods with thriving local businesses can see home values 50 percent higher than those without. It’s these community-wide benefits, coupled with the superb customer service experience, that makes locally owned, independent outdoor power equipment stores worth the trip.

Local businesses are more invested in your community, making them good allies and valuable resources. Whether you’re a seasoned handyman or a green DIY’er, local hardware stores will have the products, tools and answers you need to get the job done right, as well as the support your community needs to continue thriving.


We at Howard Brothers do take our customers and our communities very seriously. You would not believe the number of organizations over the past few weeks who have come to us and have asked us for financial assistance and donations. We look and listen to each request and generally try to find some way to help, but of course, we can’t say yes to every single request.

One creative way that we do provide for organizations, is to allow them to use our resources for their fundraising capacity. We offer our facilities and support to groups who want to hold a carwash and cookout. To learn more about how your club or organization can sign up for one of these events, visit and fill out the form at http://Howardbrothers.wpengine.com/carwash. These events are based upon availability.

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