Small Business Saturday – 2013

Have you been like me, counting down the days to the election? At this point in time, I am just ready for all the campaigning to be done. I’m tired of negative ads. I’m tired of debates and meaningless speaches. I’m tired of road side signs, tired of auto-dial phone calls, tired of emails and tired of the media bias on both sides.

Perhaps we should turn the focus to small businesses more.

Small Business Saturday 2012It’s no secret that the Friday after Thanksgiving is one of the largest shopping days of the year. It is that day that often makes or breaks small businesses in the retail industry. It is small businesses that often are overlooked and the larger big box retailers get all the love. Not anymore.

For the past few years there has been a movement from people to focus on the independent small business. The mom and pop store. These companies often impact their communities more than your big box stores. While they will employ many in the communities around them and sometimes give back, it is the long term relationships that are built by small businesses who need to be protected. These businesses truly give back to the communities that they serve.

We’ll be talking more about “sales” that will be coming up this holiday season. We’ll be sure to use some amazing deals in an attempt to attract the holiday buyers, but I just want to relmind you to think local. Plan on it this year. For every dollar you spend at an independant and family owned business in your community, you will be pouring more income into your community. Keeping your spending local means that your money stays local and grows your community more. Check out www.IndependantWeStand.com to see just how affective your purchasing power is.

All this being said, since the Friday after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” for the past few years, businesses like American Express and even Facebook have been promoting the Saturday after Thanksgiving as “Small Business Saturday.” Make an effor these days to support the local business. They need your support. You need them. Take this time to game plan who you will support this holiday buying season.

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