Snow and Nealley Axes and Mauls

This post started out not being about the collapse of the Atlanta Braves. In fact, I already had it figured out how I was going to tie in the Braves post season and Snow and Nealley axes. I was going to suggest how Braves fans could grab up their own Tomahawk (though not called by name) and proudly display it on their office desks and cubicles.

I was going to make note of how Snow and Nealley have been around long before the Atlanta Braves. Even before they were the  Boston Braves. Even Before they were the Boston Red Stockings. Long before there was Chief Nocahoma, there was Snow and Nealley.

The Quality of Snow and Nealley Products is well known. They are the type of tool that get handed down for generations to enjoy. These tools were originally designed for trappers, hunters, and fishermen on expeditions along the Hudson Bay.
Today, they are the favorite of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. The hickory handles are solid and the tempered blades hold a cutting edge that lasts.

Every Christmas we see folks come in the store and become new first time owners of a Snow and Nealley axe or maul. We get more requests around this time of year for high quality single bit axe and double bit axes made in the USA.

The Snow and Nealley Campers Gift Sets and the Snow and Nealley Split n Kindling Gift Sets are highly sought after.

And I thought, I could roll the Atlanta Braves Playoff run into an interesting mash-up that would draw some viral interest. But sadly, the Braves failed down the stretch and did not make it into the playoffs.

That does not mean that you still can’t get your hands on a perfect gift for someone who KNOWS quality!

Check out our online Snow and Nealley store at TOOLS2You.com to place an order.


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