Spring Lawn Repair

This last weekend brought in more folks asking about how they could improve the look and health of their lawn. It is always satisfying to hear from customers who tell us that they have gained a level of trust from us. They know that they could go purchase grass seed and fertilizer from a big box store, but they recognize the knowledge we have and value our insight. Buying Local is becoming more a part of people’s routine in America because they understand the overall benefits of the locally owned business.

We just wrote a fairly extensive article about getting your lawn on a healthy maintenance plan. This morning I noticed that True Value Hardware put together a simple video about spring lawn repair.

I don’t know that anyone on our sales floors considers themselves a “Hardwarian” but know that they do hold a wealth of knowledge and love to problem solve.

So, if you need more expert advice, stop by one of our locations in Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood and ask one of our great people.



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