STIHL 365 = Win a STIHL a day in 2014

STIHL is celebrating 40 years of manufacturing in America! They are giving away $200 worth of STIHL equipment every day in 2014!

All you have to do is visit: http://www.stihlusa.com/365/ and fill out an quick and simple survey to be entered for the whole year. No purchase is necessary.

So don’t wait – Let’s see some Howard Brothers’ customers win some free STIHL equipment!

STIHL 365 Contest
STIHL 365 Contest

By the way… we talk a lot about the amazing design of STIHL products, but even their web designer is purposeful with the ‘captcha’ selection for the submission form. I love that they’re using keywords that are relevant to their product mix vs having random and meaningless phrases on their site! If you’re a geek like me, you’ll hit refresh and see that they used words such as ‘STIHL’, ‘TRIMMER’, ‘SAW’, and ‘BLOWER’


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