We are so excited to FINALLY be able to talk about this. It is one of those secrets that everyone probably already knew about… as we know customers, sales people, and even competition talk… but regardless, we had to keep a lid on the news.

We even teased this photo about a month ago on Facebook and a few other platforms.


A lot of folks replied that the truck was what was missing. Nope. I was hoping the Italicized and orange “PICTURE” would be a hint.



Our Alpharetta Store is now POWERED BY STIHL!

We are now selling STIHL products out of our Alpharetta Store!

STIHL has a great base of authorized dealers in the area and we are excited to be able to join them in selling and supporting this incredible product. Our Alpharetta store is located right across from Slopes BBQ on Gateway Drive near Hwy 9 and Mcfarland.


It has been an incredible first year for our newest location and we’re looking forward to an even bigger second year!

There are a lot of commercial landscapers in the Alpharetta area who are customers at our other stores in Doraville, Duluth, and Oakwood. We’re very excited to be able to service their equipment and supply genuine STIHL parts to them.

We’re also excited to sell to our homeowner customers who have found out that a product trusted by professionals is a better option. There’s no reason to buy power equipment from a Big Box Store when we have superior products that are competitively priced… but are also supported longterm by the local business the sells it.

So… NOTHING is changing in our Alpharetta location except for the fact that STIHL is now available! We still have Exmark, Echo, Honda, SCAG, Ventrac, Walker, TurfEx… we’re just adding STIHL to the mix!

(shhhhh… and there may be another well known brand coming soon)

So even though we’ve been open just over a year, you’ll notice some pretty major changes inside the Alpharetta store.

Check out some of the pictures!




Can you tell that we’re psyched? This is no April Fool’s joke. This is REAL STIHL!






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