STIHL Battery Powered / Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment

Green. Everything is trying to be green now. Environmentally friendly. Low carbon footprint. Low emission. But can outdoor power equipment which has looked to small gasoline powered engines for its entire existence really be battery powered?

We’ve been closely watching green technology and how it has been evolving within the OPE world for the past few years. We have several clients who are moving over to Propane Powered Lawn Mowers. They’re bidding on jobs that require clean environmental equipment. Likewise, we have begun to see more and more folks look at the battery powered options for string trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, etc. Homeowners are more willing to consider the jump from 2cycle gasoline equipment. It is the future. But the future is now.

STIHL has developed its Battery KombiSystem which provides a great solution for folks looking at alternative power source for their equipment. STIHL’s engineers have developed equipment that brings the performance that end users expect and made it light weight yet powerful.

Check out the video that our own Greg Pethel made recently about STIHL’s battery powered lawn mower and straight shaft string trimmer.

The new KombiSystem is powered by innovative Lithium-Ion batteries. They have long run time and will not gradually drop power like some battery powered equipment from other manufacturers.

Check out all the battery-powered products from STIHL and if you want to put one in your hands and try it out, come into one of our Authorized STIHL dealer stores in Alpharetta, Doraville, Duluth or Oakwood.

STIHL Battery Powered / Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment
STIHL Battery Powered / Cordless Outdoor Power Equipment


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