STIHL Manscaping


Note that this original post was a STIHL April Fools Prank. Although, we should petition them to make some of these. It is amazing how many requests we’ve received from folks asking price and availability to ship.


This is pretty awesome. Creativity at it’s finest.

STIHL Manscaping
STIHL Manscaping

33 thoughts on “STIHL Manscaping”

  1. marsha lambert

    I was wondering where in canada can one buy the stihl manscaper. My father boy friend and uncle love stihl equipment. And my fathers 75 birthday is coming up and I would live for him to have one. He was a woodland for a living and only used stihl. I think this is the perfect present for him. Thank you

  2. Nicholas Craig Andersen

    I think this is the most creative advertisement by stihl .. If they actually manufactured a ” Manscaping ” kit along the original tool designs. Have the weed wacker with the orbiting three blade trimmer. Hedge trimmers being used for trimming hair to different lengths with attachments. The chainsaw with a trimmer on the very tip and bottom of the bar. Perfect for trimming straight line ups of the beard, mustache, and around the ears. Last but not least the leaf blower a little bigger than as seen on the advertisement . able to blow off any left behind hair on ears, face, and neck.
    This would definitely be an amazing production by stihl.
    Not only would it be legendary but very appealing to the to the eyes of every hard working man. I would gladly buy one ! They need to be priced fairly as well so all classes of men scan have the privilege of owning something as cool as this. It’s like getting a new toy on Christmas day. It’s has all the potential to be sold for Christmas, fathers day, birthdays . I really hope this product can and will be developed talk about a changed improvement to grooming.
    Thank you,
    Nicholas C. Andersen

  3. I would so buy this for many men in my life if they were available. Especially my husband though it would be perfect for him. So please figure it out lol

  4. Melissa Cooper

    Wish your company would make and sell this “manscaping set” would be a great gift I would have purchased 6 of them.myself for the men in our family

  5. I agree they should make these! Would be an awesome fathers day gift! I wanted one for my fiance!

  6. Would really like for them to actually make these, would be a great money maker for them & wonderful gift ideas!!

  7. We use stihl equipment in my company (crystal brook landscape) and I would love to get these for my guys and my owner also best friend. I’m the fleet mech were pretty big company

  8. Richard Castodio

    Yeah I am highly interested in this product need a quantity and price button so I can click on it

  9. I think this a a great idea, if I could purchase one that would be great, I’m willing to pay the price for it , whatever the cost, please e mail me back with information regarding where I can purchase a set, or with a link I can contact someone who can get me one

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