STIHL Trimmer Line Video

I’ve been to STIHL’s manufacturing facility in Virginia Beach and have seen this up close. The process that they go through to manufacture their own trimmer line is incredible. I have wished that others could see this in action (and I really wanted to pull out my camera when I was onsite… but I was not allowed.) Now, STIHL has created their own video that shows some of what it takes to create the high performance STIHL trimmer line for us.

STIHL manufactures trimmer line using a custom blend of polymers to produce a line with the best all-around characteristics of abrasion resistance, flexibility over time and temperature ranges, and welding resistance. We offer six different types of STIHL trimmer line, from premium round line to our trademark STIHL Quiet Line™. There’s a high-performance STIHL trimmer line for every operating condition.

The one thing that I came back with from that trip was how efficient and how little waste there is in the entire facility. The automation that takes place is even more incredible when you learn that even though most of their facility uses machines and robots, they still have a very large work force who has been retained and trained in new skills to operate the facility.

We’re an authorized STIHL Dealer in all four of our locations.

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