How to Store Your STIHL Gas Powered Equipment

As we get closer to winter in Atlanta and the temperatures begin to edge their way downward, you are probably gonna be facing your last yard cutting and maintenance soon. Well, there are leaves that must be dealt with… You’re not really gonna use a rake on those leaves are you?

Now is not the time to neglect the care of your small engines and power equipment. DO NOT just stick it in the corner until next spring. If you do, it probably won’t run and it will probably cost more in repairs than buying a new one.

Seriously, if you’re not using that string trimmer or edger anymore this year. If you’re not gonna use the hedge clipper again. Take notice. You need to properly store your gas powered equipment.

The STIHL How To Series gives you tips and general advice on how to operate and maintain your STIHL power tools. If you don’t plan on using your gas powered tools for an extended period of time (generally three months or longer), STIHL gives you tips on how to properly store them.

In the video there is mention of STIHL’s MotoMix which an alternative for fuel. It is a premixed, high grade octane, ethanol free gasoline with STIHL HP ultra synthetic oil. It is much more stable than regular gasoline and can be stored up to 2 years without harming the engine. Read that again.

Mind you, this advice isn’t only good for STIHL equipment. If you are storing any small engine power equipment, you can take away much of this content and apply it.

How to Properly Store your Power Equipment

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