Thieves toss stolen chainsaws at officers during police chase

You probably saw this video on WSB TV last night in Atlanta. We had several STIHL chainsaws and string trimmers that were stolen early Monday morning from our Duluth store.

And Now 11Alive picked it up.

And now Fox5 Atlanta… I’m trying to get the video from this…

The theft resulted in a highspeed chase with the idiot thieves throwing some of the power equipment at the Duluth police officer who pursued their getaway van.

Seems like we get hit once a year in a smash/grab like this. Most power equipment dealers and small businesses have to deal with theft like this and it is a sad state that we live in, that we have to.

If you know any information about this theft, please contact the Duluth Police Department… but if you know any information about ANY crime that is affecting small business, we encourage you to not let it happen. Do the right thing and contact the authorities to bring justice to those breaking the law.

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