Exmark Turf Equipment Video: Next Time You See Scott Jones, Ask Him For an Autograph

Being one of the largest Exmark dealers in the country comes with some benefits. We sometimes get to see new products before they are released to the public and sometimes we get to show off our people using new Exmark equipment for professional photography and videos produced by Exmark.

And now our own Scott Jones gets to be a star.

This past February, Exmark brought a few turf management products to Atlanta. Using the Gwinnett Civic Center as a backdrop, they were able to get shoot some video of Scott, our Duluth Power Equipment sales manager,  and a few others using turf management machines –aerators, turf rakes, slicer seeders and stump grinders.

Check out the full line of products, check out the videos, and be sure to give Scott some attention when you see him next time.

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