Trade-Up and Save this Fall – Echo Outdoor Power Equipment Promotion

I got home last night and checked the mail. Among what I would typically call the “Junk Mail” I saw our latest ad from Echo Outdoor Power Equipment. I knew that they were coming soon, but didn’t know for sure when the drop date was going to be. Did you get one?

Echo has some great promotions this fall.

If you’re in the market for a chainsaw (you know winter is coming… got any trees you need to cut down or cut up?) There are some great deals on chainsaws with 18″ bars

Check out the other chainsaw deals:

Perhaps you’re in the market for a blower. You’re already looking at the leaves on the trees and know that they will soon begin to fall onto your lawn. You know you don’t want to rake them again. Check out some of the deals on blowers that Echo has:

For $159.99, that is a great price on the PB-250 Echo Hand Held Blower. The ES-250 at $199.99 is a great deal too. I is  always a popular item too since it allows you to vacuum and shred leaves too.

These deals are valid at participating dealers only. You’re not going to walk into Home Depot and get these deals (yes, even though they sell the tools…which they don’t service or supply parts for…) You will not receive these deals at your big box store. You will get these deals and get the real answers to your questions at one of our three stores. Remember… An Apron, does not an expert make. Buy Local. (and now I’m off the soap box)

Click here to download a PDF of the full Sales Circular.

Hope to see you soon. Come see us.





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  1. I hear you..Buy local, and not from the big box stores. I am not sure where you are located but this is true for all small businesses throughout the United States. You get better service and deals. Echo Outdoor Power Equipment is a great product. At Louderback Implement they have a large selection of Echo Equipment. Louderback Implement is located in Stanley, VA. Visit their website at http://www.LouderbackImplement.com.

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