Traeger Smoke and Tell Cooking Class | June 30th

Grilling brings folks together. It brings your kitchen outdoors and it brings community together. If you have had an opportunity to talk to us at one of our stores or at one of the Duluth Fall Festival’s or other events around town, you probably know that we like to eat. We like to cook out on our Traeger Grills. We like to talk about the food that we ate, and we’re probably planning right now what we’re cooking tonight or this weekend on our grills.

Have you bought a grill and are now thinking, “Now What?” We want to help. On Saturday, June 30th, at our Duluth store, we are having our first ever Traeger Smoke and Tell Cooking Class.

We realize that there are other cooking classes out there which cost $100+ for a few hours taught by a professional chef / personality. We’re not doing this. We are just like you. We work all day long and are tired when we come home. We want easy. We want good food. That’s what we want to share with you.

The class will teach you about trimming, rubbing, injecting and smoking delicious barbecue.  We will be prepping (and then eating already prepared) Beef Brisket, Pork Butt, Ribs, and we’ll even show you how to reverse sear steak on your Traeger. We’re going to show off some of our favorite sides and desserts that can also be cooked on your grill.

Joining us from Southern Meat Co will be Sam Hodge. He’s spent a lifetime learning about meats, their production and the process by which meat gets to your plate. Sam will spend time educating attendees on types of meats and will answer questions you may have.

The cost of this class is $25. There are a limited number of seats. Do not miss it!

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