True Value Bargains of the Month – May 2012

How in the world is it already May of 2012? We are coming off an incredible April at Howard Brothers, which really followed an amazing March. The landscape industry is in full swing in Atlanta. All three of our stores have been seeing large numbers of landscaping businesses adding new machines to their fleets, and at the same time, fixing older machines.

While we love seeing our landscape professional customers, we also love when homeowners come in for advice and help. During the past two months, we’ve been seeing increasing numbers of homeowners at all three of our stores. That has been a whole lot of fun getting to meet new people whom we can win over from the big box stores.

True Value Hardware advertises 3 to 4 items per month that are called their “Bargains of the Month.”


The first Bargain of the Month is a 16.6lb bag of Kingsford Charcoal Briquets. We sell an enormous amount of Big Green Egg Natural lump charcoal. We’ve even talked about the differences in standard briquettes versus natural charcoal, but the fact of the matter is that a LOT of people still like the Kingsford flavor, and you can’t beat the price. For the month of May, you can pick up this charcoal for $6.99 per bag. That’s about 36% off of normal price. Get it while you can.

The second item that you might want to pick up a bag or two of, is this Miracle Gro potting mix. This 2 cu. foot bag is a professional blend of Canadian sphagnum peat moss. YES, You heard that right… CANADIAN Sphagnum. You just can’t get peat moss like this in the states… OK, I jest, but this is some superb potting mix that you can use with flowers or food plants. It is on sale for $8.99 a bag, but there is a mail in rebate for $5 that brings the cost down to $3.99 per bag. This is fantastic! Limit 2 per household… So if you need 4, just get your neighbors to buy two for you.

I know what you’re saying… “Rebate, I hate rebates. UNLESS you tell me that I can roll several together.” You’re in luck! Let’s bundle some rebates!

April showers bring May flowers (well, that and weeds). The third bargain of the month is a 40oz bottle of Ortho Weed B Gon in Concentrate form. Kill some weeds without killing your lawn. We’ve had lots of folks coming in getting lawn chemicals to try and control weeds. This is a low entry point for you to get something that will help in your fight against the dreaded weed. Sale price is $8.99, but there’s a $4 mail in rebate, bringing this bottle down to $4.99.

By the way, there are more products available for the True Value Family Rebate. You can take $7 off a bag of Scotts Super Turf Builder, $6 off any 4.5 lb Miracle Gro Shake ‘n Feed plant food, and also $5 off a 1.33 gallon Roundup Pump ‘n Go Weed & Grass Killer.

But Back to our Official True Value Bargains of the Month. 

Last is the item that will sell out quickly. They were popular last year and are returning this year: the colorful solar powered stake lights. They have a color changing LED that automatically rotates red, blue and green. AND these are the ones that came in designs such as a flower, dragonfly, humming bird and butterfly. These babies are normally $9.99 and are on sale for $4.99! If only there was a holiday for moms coming up this month for whom you could purchase several sets of these… Oh wait.

So don’t delay, these deals are great for the month of May. We can’t wait to see you in our store. You’re the reason we are in business. Happy May.


2 thoughts on “True Value Bargains of the Month – May 2012”

  1. Leann Pichardo

    I purchased two bags of Miracle Grow potting mix 2cu ft
    and 2 Weed-b-Gone concentrate 32 oz yesterday at the Stayton Wilco Farm store in Stayton OR
    because of the True Value adds i saw.
    Problem is they did not have rebate forms
    Can i download the forms?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Leann, I am working on getting you an answer from True Value. I’m not sure if a PDF of the form would be an “Official Mail-in Rebate Form” Your store in Oregon should have them, but if they don’t, and a PDF isn’t allowed, I’ll mail you one.

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