True Value Bargains of the Month – April 2012

Rumor has it that the April True Value Sales paper have hit the streets already. While we can’t officially start honoring prices until April 1, we can get you excited about the upcoming items. These particular items have been popular in the past, so if you are interested in any of them, make sure to come in early next week, to grab them up before they’re gone. Supplies are limited.

Where to start? They are all great items.

Let’s start with the Weed & Feed. It is the first of April and right now is the ideal time to apply the Late Spring Weed & Feed. This controls over 200 different types of broadleaf weeds. The Bargain of the Month is $11.99 for a 16-lb bag. 16lbs will cover 5,000 square feet. Come in and get this quick. If you need a spreader, we can hook you up with that too.

The next best item deal in my opinion has to be the Fiskars branded 2 -pc Lopper & Pruner Set. Fiskars has been a popular lawn tool for a LONG time. These tools are sharp and dependable. Perfect for pruning up close or reaching into plants for pruning. The loppers can cut cleanly up to 1-1/2″. This is a fantastic deal for these two tools for $16.97

Getting out in the yard again means that you’re likely looking at weeds. The Weed & Feed is nice, but sometimes you need to do some spot spraying of weeds. On the other hand, getting outdoors again means that you’ll be encountering some of the pests that we have here in Georgia this time of year. Crawling and flying bugs are sure to pester you while you’re trying to work or play. True Value has a 2 gallon Sprayer from Green Thumb on sale this month for $11.99. This means that you can get 2 sprayers; 1 for weeds and 1 for bugs. Wait, there’s a third reason you might want one of these sprayers. This is an ideal size, to put some soap and water in it, so that you can spray the soap as you’re washing all the pollen off your vehicles.

Last, you’ve worked hard to control the weeds in your lawn. You’ve cut and pruned any bushes or trees back, and you might have taken control of bugs and pests outside. Don’t just enjoy the fruits of your labor during the day. You can enjoy the outside (or let your neighbors see what you’ve accomplished and what they haven’t) by adding a little exterior lighting to your landscape. True Value has on sale for $1.99 these solar power lights. These have been VERY popular in the past at these prices. They will not last!


See you soon at any of our three locations in Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood. Happy April.


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