True Value Bargains of the Month – March 2012

The start of a new month means that we have new items that are True Value Bargains of the Month. This month, there are 4.

Everyone has trash. Everyone needs trashbags. These bags are great for use outdoors as you get out and start cleaning up your yard. They are 33gallon drawstring type trash bags. 33 count box for $6.99.

And while you’re out in the yard cleaning up, you should plant some new flowers while you’re at it. This 16qt miracle gro Potting mix is specifically created to help improve and control moisture in for your plant. $4.99 per bag. Don’t trust your new flower to this Georgia Clay.

Don’t carry those bags of potting mix and plants around you yard. Take it easy and use this yard cart to easily move your materials around to the right spot. This thing that basically looks like a handtruck with a bucket at the base is so easy to use and your neighbors will want one too. Tell them it is $19.99 at Howard Brothers True Value.

And After you come back inside you want to be able to breathe again… right? The pollen is bound to be bad this spring and summer. Get your air as clean as you can. Go ahead and buy a three pack of 3M Filtrete filters for $9.99. Your lungs will like you for it.


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