True Value Bargains of the Month – August 2016

Bargains of the Month – August 2016

August is rolling in and we can hold on to the summer for a week or two more before it’s back to school for our nation’s youth (this is followed by some sighs of relief – I’m sure). It’s been a great summer that will soon come to a close, but we will be able to remember Rio 2016 and the athletes that represented our country.

Even with all those big events going on, you probably know a lot of people moving. It’s the middle of lease season when the tenants become forwarding addresses and leasers become inhabitants. Just in the last month, I myself have had to help about four different people move; often makes me want to hide the information about the SUV I drive and my generally open weekends.

Regardless, it’s always time to stock up and make sure you’re prepared for the move. We have a great set of deals this month stacking up around your – or someone-you-know’s – move. From the leaving, to the moving, to the settling in, we definitely have what is needed at our Doraville, Duluth, or Oakwood Hardware Stores.

Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries

Duracell AAA, AA, C, D, or 9V Batteries

When it comes to, well, everything nowadays… you need batteries.

You just do. This Geek knows.

When it comes to moving, you probably need it for that security deposit you’ve been praying for all year. That means that you have to have everything working again, which can be a few batteries away from keeping that Smoke Alarm on High Alert and the Thermostat from blanking out.

Renters are always looking for a reason to keep your money! Don’t give them one; pick up a pack of batteries starting at 5.99.

Folding Handle Platform TruckLeTruck

Now that you have that cash in hand, you’re gonna need some assistance with those boxes. Some of your friends might have plans (excuses), but a few will show up.


Either way, you’re going to need more help than that, and introducing the Folding Handle Platform Truck!

This small cart can assist you with anything! Well, as long as it involves moving something. From tall stacks of boxes to that awkward-to-carry dresser, this cart will deliver results and then fold up for the next job.

24.99 is a low price to pay for a few extra hands.


Raid 17.5-oz. Wasp and Hornet or 18-oz. Flying Insect Killer SprayRaidddd

Once you’re all packed up and at the new pad (that’s still hip to say, right?), there’s always time for future-proofing. Some critters might be hiding in a post-uninhabited area and might be in great need of some expulsion for your own sake.

Spraying a few new nests and clearing out that mystery spot you missed before the lease-signing would help you sleep at night.

Especially that weird first night where you wake up and forget where you are, you’re going to need all of the help you can get. The mini-freak-out the following morning is mandatory.

Come grab a can or two for only 4.99 with an additional $2 Mail-In Rebate.

Organizer Desk Lamp with Built-In USB PortLampy

After you have everything moved in and you’ve found out what you’ve lost, then you need to fill in those empty spaces. Not enough light in that corner over yonder? Never fear, for this Organizer Desk Lamp!

Grabbing a small lamp to light up a corner can completely define a new room, and with a Built-In USB port, you even have an extra charging station! WOW! Crazy.

Honestly though, if you really wanted to go grab a Wall Block to charge your phone up, it’d cost 19.99 anywhere else. Grab a Handy Little Light with a Handy Little Pen Holder and a Handy Little USB Port. It’s a win, win, win.

12” Convertible Stand/Table FanFan!

Now you’re settled in for the most part. You’ve taken care of the missing pieces of furniture and finally have food in the house, so you need to sit and relax for a bit. Whether it is in the Living Room with the Half-Assembled Entertainment Center, or the Bedroom missing a nightstand temporarily, you want a nice breeze flowing your way. We at Howard Brothers have just the thing.

With a 12” Convertible Stand or Table Fan, it’s the perfect personal chill machine. You can set it up on a table or just let it sit on the floor – of which you’ll have a lot of it to sit on.

Take a break! Enjoy it for only 19.99

Alpo Prime Cut 47-lb. Dry Dog FoodAlpoPrimeCuts

Just when you thought it was time to Catch Some Z’s, or Catch up on Game of Thrones – to each his/her own – you forgot about Scruffy.

The dog has always been a team player, but it does need to eat. Treat it to a victory feast like it deserves.

“We made it!”

With that endless checklist flowing through your head, it can be easy to forget the little things. Don’t feel guilty, don’t feel rushed, just be prepared beforehand and grab a Bag for Man’s Best Friend for only 19.99.

He’ll still love you, just more this way. Good boy, Scruffy.

Good Job You for the Great Move!


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