True Value Bargains of the Month – February 2014

Are you still in shock from the Ice Jam that happened last week? Still in shock from the way the Seahawks beat up on Payton Manning and the Broncos last night? Are you still wondering if what General Beauregard Lee, the Famous Atlantan Groundhog, saw (or didn’t see) means anything. Will we see an early spring?

One thing is constant. The calendar is always in motion. It is February 2014 already. That means our endcaps have been refreshed with new featured products and THAT means we have new Bargain of the Month items from True Value.


Kidde Nighthawk Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm

This is a must have for everyone now. You really need to make sure that you are looking out for carbon monoxide. There have been discussions recently about business travelers taking their own alarms with them on trips out of fear that hotels aren’t doing their job of keeping the alarms updated. The nighthawk digital battery operated carbon monoxide alarm has a digital display that shows the level of carbon monoxide in PPM allowing you to see if the levels change. The sleek design makes it suiteable for all living areas. This alarm has a 7 year warranty.

This month, you can purchase the Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Alarm for $24.99

GE LED Light Bulb, A19, 7-WattGE LED Light Bulb, A19, 7-Watt or 11-Watt

Incandescent lights are on the way out. Compact Fluorescents are beginning to become old news. Everyone is getting excited about the technology and energy savings that can come in an LED bulb. These bulbs aren’t the LEDs you’re thinking about. They’re dimmable. They’re Warm White. The 7 watt is equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent and the 11 watt is equivalent to a 60 watt incandescent. 470 lumens, 25,000 hours rated life. 22.8 years of life based upon 3 hours of use a day!

So. How much are these bulbs. Only $9.99. Pick up the 7-watt GE LED Light Bulb for $9.99 or the 11-watt GE LED Light Bulb for $9.99 now through the end of February!

Swiffer Duster 360 Extendable Handle Starter Kit

Swiffer Duster 360 Extendable Handle Starter Kit

Let me guess, you got everything cleaned up for the Super Bowl party at your house last night, but as the national anthem started, you immediately realized that you forgot to dust. Your tv and your shelves and your fan and your mantle and your vents and everything that had dust on it started to distract you from the big game. You worried that your guests would be sickened at the amount of dust on your uneven surfaces that they would take their buffalo chicken dip and leave…

You should have had a Swiffer Duster. This kit is described as such : Swiffer 360 Duster Extendable Handle Starter Kit, Assembled Includes: Extendable Handle & 3 Dusters, Handle Extends To 3′ Long & Allows The Swiffer Duster To Reach & Dust Even More Areas, The Flexible Head Can Be Repositioned To Accommodate Dusting In Hard To Reach Areas, Ideal For Uneven Surfaces, Vertical Blinds, TV/Stereo Equipment, Ceiling Fans, Light Fixtures, Baseboards & Crown Molding.

You may have missed your opportunity before the Super Bowl, but don’t let that stop you going forward. The Swiffer Duster 360 starter kit is on sale for $7.99 at True Value this month.

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