True Value Bargains of the Month – July 2014

Blah Blah Blah… I can’t believe it is another month already… blah blah blah… How can it already be 1/2 way through the year… blah blah blah… I guess this means it is time for another 3 or 4 True Value Bargains of the Month.

Seriously. This year is going by way too quick. June FLEW by. I saw the first ads for Christmas over the weekend! That’s unbelievable. I realize that since I am doing marketing and advertising for Howard Brothers, that I’m often 2-3 months ahead of the calendar. Always planning events and creative ads for 8-10 weeks in the future, and yes, I am starting to look at Black Friday/Small Business Saturday and Christmas ads. I guess that is probably one of the biggest reasons why I’m always amazed that it is already the first of another month.

Are you ready for some REALLY EXCITING Sales from True Value. I figured instead of getting creative and try to write catchy copy regarding the 4 items this month, I’d let the brands themselves do the talking. Are you ready?

tp-bom-july12 Pack Big Roll Ultra Soft & Strong Bath Tissue from Quilted Northern

From the ad itself… “Trust me. Your Hiney will be happy.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Stop using the single ply tissue, and pick up 12 packs of Quilted Northern for $5.99

towels-bom-july6 Pack Big Roll Brawny Paper Towels

I could have gone back a few years and shown some videos of some cute kids getting all messy and then getting cleaned up by mom with some help from the Brawny man… but instead, check out this video. Brawny is supporting the Wounded Warrior Project.

Leading from the front. Perseverance. Strength.

Good Message. Buy this 6 pack for $5.99 and part of your proceeds are going to aid the Wounded Warrior Project.

stool-bom-july3 Step Aluminum Step Stool

OK. I lied. No video on this one. This 3-step aluminum step stool for $29.99 is a great deal and if you get this ladder than you’ll be able to store the quilted bath tissue or the paper towels from Brawny on that top shelf in your garage until you need to restock your inventory under the sink.

This aluminum construction is incredibly lightweight yet durable, allowing the step stool to be easily transported, set-up, and stored. This stool features a convenient project top for tools and hardware. The large top platform step offers a secure standing area, and the self-locking safety latch is easy to use and provides locked-in protection while using the stool. This step stool has an ANSI Type 2 Duty Rating and 225 lb. capacity. (yep. I copied and pasted that)

Regularly $44.99. On sale for the month of July for $29.99

fan-bom-july27 Inch 2 Speed Oscillating Tower Fan

Wow… This is the same exact fan that was on sale in July 2012 for $17.99. It was on sale in June 2013 for $17.99 It is on sale again this month for $17.99. I guess the buyer at True Value likes this fan. I wonder if he has it in his office.

It is a great fan. Durable and effective. It offers a slim profile so that it fits nicely and out of the way where floor space is limited.

And it is a fantastic deal. These normally sell in our store for $29.99 and they’re on sale for $17.99. Did I mention that yet? They’re on sale this month for $17.99. I hope we’re not training you to wait each year for the True Value Bargain of the Month in June or July to pick up your 27″ 3 speed tower fan.

I wonder if in 2015, we’ll have something different.

flashlight-bom-julyLED Flashlight with Zoom


Rayz, 1,000 lumens, 1-piece aircraft aluminum flashlight, includes 1 bright white high power LED, 2 power settings hi-low, zoom to focus adjustable head, black anodized aircraft aluminum finish, non-slip knurl finished grip, easy on/off push button, long hour run time and batteries are included.

This flashlight regularly sells for $42.99. This is a GREAT deal. This light is strong and powerful. It Zooms to focus or create a wide wash of light.

See you in August for another installment of “True Value Bargains of the Month”




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