True Value Bargains of the Month – July 2016

Today we come back to an old tradition of our monthly announcements of sorts. All it took was telling someone else to do it! We apologize for sorrowed hearts, but we know our cult following needed that cliffhanger to keep the passion growing, but I digress.

As we go into our Nation’s birthday days from now, we have a lot to be thankful for: grilling out, a good game of catch, or even just the possibility that humidity will be below 99% here in North Georgia.

July bargains of the monthThey’re all blessings in their own way, but even then we can get pulled back to reality when things start breaking, which we all know happens in a giant wave of displeasure. The Car, the A/C, the Remote, even Grandpa’s Old Recliner!

When that happens, you have Howard Brothers around to help you out of the rut. We carry the tools and supplies necessary that you often just won’t find anywhere else. Plus, we got them on sale! Check it out:


DeWalt 34-Piece socket SetDewalt 34-Pc. Standard and Metric Socket Set

First up on the list is the Dewalt Socket Set. Let’s face it, we all need one. With all of the tiny screws and miscellaneous tidbits manufacturers put on their cars, we need all the help we can get.

From removing all of the unnecessary decorative plastic to taking off that last Alternator screw, this small, organized tool set will produce. It doesn’t even stop there when you start getting into the nitty gritty of other household duties, but I’ll leave that to your own imagination.

Be prepared. Grab one in your nearest Howard Brothers Hardware Section for only 29.99.

Rayovac AA or AAA Alkaline BatteriesRayovacBatteries

Next we have some Rayovac Batteries. AA’s and AAA’s seem to always be the elusive type when you need them; either you left them only God knows where in the laundry room or someone (obviously not you) forgot to buy some last time you ran out.

We do have the choice between AA and AAA, but the elusive mystery of the existence of an ‘A’ Battery will always haunt us.

Grab a pack or two to keep the supply going for only 4.99 a piece, either size.

FiltreteFilterAllergen Defense Air Filters

Have you ever worked with someone that will never stop sneezing next to you? You try to keep up with them, but it seems you’ll run out ‘Bless you’s without Holy intervention. With our A/C’s on full blast all of July, the airflow is always a factor.

With our 3M Filtrete systems you can cut down on the snotty blues and get on with your work. They come in a variety of sizes to make sure they – wait for it – FIT your needs.

Pun intended.

Grab one in your nearest Howard Brothers Hardware Store for just 8.49.

Pennzoil Conventional Motor Oil Qt.Pennzoil Conventional

We all know the power of regular preventative maintenance, even if we don’t always keep to it 100%. Sometimes we can really forget how much a 20-minute oil change (if that) can save us from a costly weekend project.

With those older cars and trucks we drive, the conventional stuff just works better. Like our human elders, they sometimes like to spring leaks. Slowing things down just a little makes a big difference.

Keep that Silverado (Sorry Ford fans, not sorry Dodge fans) running to 300,000 and then some for only 2.99 a quart.

Like I saw on a bumper sticker one time, “I’d rather push my Volvo than drive a Prius”.

SwifferWetJetSwiffer WetJet Mop Starter Kit

After it’s all said and done, you have that car battery charging again, the yard mowed, and you’re about sit down with that aluminum can of sweet victory… Then you realized you messed up.

You look down to see those 7-year-old Nike’s covered in who knows what, and you just dragged that who knows what all over the entire house. The tracks lead to only one place, your doom.

Thinking quick, you realize that Howard Brothers has their Swiffer WetJet on sale for only 19.99! Hop in that newly repaired vehicle and make your way over, before it’s too late.

2-Speed Chillout Tower FanChilloutTowerFan

After it’s *actually* all said and done, you really need to – wait for it – CHILL OUT.

I’ll be here all summer, folks!

We have on sale the ever wonderful Personal Tower Fan to remind you of what it’s not like to be in Georgia weather: cool, controlled, and with just the perfect breeze.

You’ve done good, now it’s time to let your sweaty, greasy hair know the same satisfaction, especially with the low price of only 12.99.

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