True Value Bargains of the Month – November 2013

We are in a new month already. 2013 is gonna be over before we know it. Soon, we’re gonna be decorating our houses for Christmas.

If you’re like me, you look forward to this time of year. I’ve already started to listen to a few Christmas albums on my itunes list. That doesn’t make me bad does it?

Here are the items this month that True Value Hardware has identified as “Bargains of the Month.”

chairSteel Folding Chair

This time of year, you’re gonna be having more family get togethers. You know it. Do you have enough places for them to sit? Perhaps you should pick up an extra chair or two that won’t take up a whole lot of room after they leave. These steel folding chairs fold for easy storage and future use. Pick up 1 or as many as you need for $9.99/each.

tableBanquet Table

And if you ARE needing extra chairs, you probably need an extra table or two to go with them. This plastic top, folding banquet table is perfect for the occasional use where you just don’t have enough table space for all who are eating. It is 30 inches wide by 72 inches open up. On sale for $34.99

lightsChristmas Lights!

Yep. Your family is coming over to your house this year, and there is NO WAY that you’re gonna let your brother Steve keep bragging about his electrical light show that he had at his house last year. You need lights, lights and more lights.

This bargain of the month is for a standard string of lights 300 lights long or for an Icicle light set (remember how frustrated you were last year trying to untangle the 16 sets of lights that are in that rubbermaid tote over in the corner of your basement…)

Pick up either type of light strands for $8.99/each.


Not that kind of screwdriver… No, this is one of those deals that we offer at True Value once a year that sell out very quickly. This bargain of the month can be a standby present for anyone on your gift list that you may have forgotten, or just need something good to give for a small budget. for $14.97 you get a 106 piece screwdriver set.



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