True Value Bargains of the Month – October 2013

Whoa. It’s October? When did this happen? It sure seems like September just started last week. Actually, if you go visit many of the bigger retail establishments, you’ll walk inside and immediately think that it is Christmas. The decorations are coming out of the back storage rooms, and Halloween decorations are already being discounted because they’ve been out for two months thus far!

By the way, did you know that Halloween is supposedly the second largest holiday when it comes to decorating? Do you decorate inside or outside for Halloween? #funfact Perhaps one of the items will reflect this fact.

Moving on this month’s True Value Bargains of the Month. Let’s see what we have…

birdseedBirdseed Bargain of the Month

Looks like we have a few repeats this month from earlier in the year… But these are good items for sure. Ones that always do well. You can purchase your choice of either songbird seed in a 7lb bag or 20lbs of wild bird food for $7.99.


oil5-qt Jug Peak Motor Oil Bargain of the Month

Choose from 10W30, 10W40 or 5W30 Peak Motor Oil. This is an incredible deal. Pay $12.99 at the register and bring that down to $7.99 with a $5 mail in rebate.


lights100 light Halloween Set

Here’s an item for those of you who are interested in decorating your yard for Halloween. Two colors are available – Orange and Purple. Make it obvious to all those who will be trick-r-treating that your house is definitely THE place to come. On sale for $3.99. By the way, check out all the other Halloween decorations that are on sale at participating True Value Hardware Stores. You’ll find these items at our Doraville, Duluth and Oakwood stores (while supplies last)



You knew that we’d have flashlights as a Bargain of the Month. These are almost always on sale in October. Buy a  2 pack LED black aluminum flashlight combo for $7.99. (or if you want to step up to the best flashlight anyone on your block will have… get the Nebo Redline!… Whatever you do… don’t use your daughter’s pink princess flashlight while trick-r-treating!)

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