True Value Bargains of the Month – October 2014

What do motor oil, push brooms, bird seed and lightbulbs have in common?

They’re all True Value Bargains of the Month for November 2014.

Let’s check the deals one at a time…

oilMaster Mechanic Motor Oil

Pick your poison. Which weight of oil do you prefer? HD30W? 5W30? 10W30? 10W40?

Any of these 1 quart bottles of Master Mechanic motor oil are on sale for the entire month for $1.99.

No mail in rebates… no coupons… just on sale. This is a great deal and generally does really well for us. Help us have the best month of motor oil sales ever!

broomQuickie 2-In-1 Pushbroom & Squeegee with Brace

2 In 1 Squeegee Pushbroom, 24″, Push Broom with tee pee brace, Soft Outer Fibers & Stiff Inner Fibers For Sweeping Medium Textured Surfaces, 60″ Powder Coated Steel Handle with Hang Up Feature, Heavy Duty Resin Block, Built In Professional Grade Squeegee, 5 Year Limited Warranty.

On sale this month for $14.99. This ain’t no cheaply made broom. Pick it up and you’ll know that this is a good deal.

birdfood20-Lb. Wild Bird Food

True Value, 20 LB, Wild Bird Food, Good General Purpose Mix, Paper Bag With Handle. (source)

What a boring description.

Seriously… someone at True Value describes this bird food as “Good General Purpose Mix”… they obviously didn’t open up the thesaurus on this one. Also it has a “paper bag with handle.” Well, shoot… that’ll help bird seed sell better if we say that it has a handle.

Regardless of the lack luster marketese of this bargain of the month… this 20lb bag of wild bird food will sell quickly at $5.99. Bird lovers grab this up each month that True Value runs this Bargain (and yes, we realize it seems like it is every other month)

bulbWestpointe LED Bulb, Dimmable, 9.5-Watt

Westpointe 9.5w omni directional LED bulb, 800 lumens, 3000k, dimmable, a19 shape, medium base, 25,000 hours rated life, 60w equivalent, indoor & covered outdoor use, 4.5″ mol, energy star certified.

Bulb technology is getting pretty amazing. LEDs are doing what older incandescent bulbs used to be able to do, but using less energy. I gotta admit, that I was negative about light bulb legistation, but at least the quality of light is getting better, and the price is coming down to make them more affordable.

This bulb is on sale this month for $8.99.

There are a whole bunch of other SUPER BUYS this month from True Value that are available at our stores. Check out TrueValue.com for more information.

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