True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2015 – Part 2

Whoa! I was fooled again by the corporate overseers at True Value. I thought we had 1 group of three Bargains of the Month for September… but it seems that I was wrong. There are THREE other items. These also have nothing to do with the other. AND THEY DON’T END IN ‘ER!

In defense, these are supposed to be on sale during labor day weekend and after… but we’re pulling them out now. You have all month to get these items at the sale prices.

Let’s see them.

halogen bulbs4-Pk Soft White Halogen Bulbs

GE eco-friendly, energy-saving halogen bulbs. Enjoy soft white light and extra-long, 1000-hour life. Choose 4-packs of 29, 43, 53 or 72-watt bulbs.

I don’t know about you, but the wattage change in light bulbs has really got me confused. I am so used to growing up with the 40/60/90 watt incandescent bulbs, and I really haven’t had the switch flipped in my brain yet. 29, 43, 53, and 72 just seems odd… but it puts out the same amount of light as the original incandescent bulbs.

On sale this month for $4.99/pack. That’s a great deal.


Paint Tray Set8 Piece Paint Tray Set

I guess after you light up your room with the new halogen bulbs, you’re gonna notice that your paint in your room looks awful and needs to be refreshed.

Get this Paint set which includes 2 roller frames, 4 roller covers, 1-1/2″ wood handle brush and a plastic paint tray, and you’ll be prepared to touch up the areas or redo the whole room.

On sale this month for $9.99




Dewalt Jigsaw/sander combo kitDewalt Jigsaw and Sheet Sander Combo Kit

This is a Jig Saw & Sheet Sander Combo Kit from Dewalt.

Jig Saw Features A 5.5A Motor That Delivers Powerful Cuts In The Hardest Materials,

Sander Offers A 2.4A Motor That Sands At 14,000 OPM, Providing A Superior Finish, Designed For Precision & Accuracy With Innovative Features That Allow For Easy Control In A Variety Of Projects Around The House.

On sale this month for $99.97. Looks like a potential Christmas Item!




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