True Value Bargains of the Month – September 2015

For September, 2015, there are three True Value Bargains of the Month. I tried to figure out a creative way to present these in a manner that would tie them together, but I think someone at True Value Corporate is on to my game and decided to pick three really obscure items that REALLY have nothing to do with each other.

Fertilizer, Freshener, and Ladder. See I even tried to figure out a synonym for ladder that started with an F. I guess someone decided that we could make these the “-er” items.

Let’s look at them:

Winterizer Fertilizer5,000 Sq-Ft Coverage Premium Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer

You hate weeds. Your lawn is always filled with them. In fact, your lawn has more weeds than it has grass. Do you know the answer to this? You have to get your lawn on a maintenance schedule!

  • Seed it.
  • Fertilize it.
  • Put pre-emergent out.
  • Cut it correctly.

With the rain and sun combination we’ve been getting the past couple years, it could look SO much better than it does. Start now. Get a bag of winterizer Green Thumb, 5,000 SQFT Coverage, 16 LB, 24-0-12, Step 4 Premium Winterizer Lawn Fertilizer, Phosphorus Free. Formulated For Fall Application To Prepare Your Turf For Winter Dormancy. Special Root-Building Formula Contains Essential Nutrients That Encourage Stronger And Healthier Seedlings. Contains Slow-Release Nitrogen For The Extended Feeding Of Your Turf. Apply In The Fall To Protect Turf During Winter And For A Better Lawn In The Spring, Generally Beginning Of September To Mid-November (Northern Zone, Cool Season Grasses), Beginning Of September To End Of November (Transitional Zone), And Mid-September To End Of December (Southern Zone, Warm Season Grasses)

On Sale all month for $9.99… but don’t delay. It’s time to put this out on most of our grasses now.

DampRid Closet Refreshener3-PK DampRid Closet Freshener

One thing for sure, with the amount of rain we’ve been getting, moisture is abundant. This causes mold and mildew. Time to fight that like you’re fighting your weeds.  DampRid Absorbs moisture to prevent mold and mildew. Eliminates musty odor. Non-toxic. These convenient packs can be hung in your closet on the rod without damaging your clothing.

  • Disposable and nonelectric moisture absorber
  • Fresh scent to protect against damage caused by excess moisture
  • Enclosed white pellets last approximately 4-6 weeks to achieve 40-50% relative humidity
  • Simple and easy to use

On Sale all month for $6.99

platform ladder3 Step Type II Platform Ladder from Louisville Ladder

I guess if you’re really short and can’t reach your closet rod to hang your damprid, then this step ladder will help.


I guess if you want to elevate yourself next spring to check out your beautiful lawn, then this step ladder will help.

It’s a fiberglass Platform Stepladder from Louisville Ladder. Type II, 225 LB Rating, Maximum Reach 9′ x 5″, Platform Height, 2′ x 10″, Depth 17 5/8″, Completes Projects Safely & Comfortably, Pro-Top Keeps All Your Tools Close At Hand So You Get Your Project Done Faster, Extended Handrail Increases Comfort & Security, Shoe & Boot Protects Ladder & Floors.

  • Platform has 7X larger standing area
  • 9+ ft. reach
  • Pro-Top keeps tools close at hand
  • Non-slip feet

On sale for $59.99 with a

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