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You know that feeling of Pride that you have when you show off a completed DIY project that you did around the house to friends or families?

You selected the paint color.

You measured twice and cut once.

You had the opportunity to use a crow bar.

You were able to use some of that math you never thought you would use and a level to expertly hang a whole wall of picture frames.

You re-routed and engineered your sink’s plumbing and drain pipes to allow for the second sink that your wife has always wanted in the master bath.

You updated that part of the house that has been nagging you ever since you moved in… and you did it on your own.

We at Howard Brothers True Value are here to help you feel that satisfaction and pride. If you are nervous about a project or just want someone who actually knows what you’re tackling to give you some advice… come see us.

We’ll celebrate with you as you show off.

The Value of Showing Off - True Value
The Value of Showing Off – True Value
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