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It’s interesting how color can impact us.  Color surrounds us everyday, and our moods can be changed by color. True Value Paint has just overhauled its paint centers and color pallets, and we have changed out the color centers in our stores in Doraville and Duluth. As an aside, why did we not change it out in Oakwood… well, there’s exciting news coming soon about our Paint Center in Oakwood… It will B MORE INCREDIBLE news.

Paint is an easy and economical way to transform your house into a home. The colors you choose bring out your personality and style making it your own.

Inspiration, for transforming your home with color, can come from many different places. The possibilities are endless! A favorite fabric, a flower or a beautiful rug that caught your eye – ALL can provide the basis for your paint color selection.

Find the designer in you. Always use the colors that you love. Whether your design style is steeped in tradition or totally modern, find a color as individual as you.

Look at the Psychology of Color:

  • Red: Exciting, Passionate, Dynamic and always on trend.
  • Orange: Fun, energetic, vibrant, and warmest of all colors.
  • Yellow: Happy, optimistic, welcoming and the first color the eye sees.
  • Green: Spirited, peaceful, balanced and the color of nature and growth.
  • Blue: Calming, refreshing, soothing and a universal favorite.
  • Purple: Stimulating, mysterious, sophisticated and is elegant yet never predictable.
  • Brown: Friendly, soulful, comfortable and is considered stable and grounded.
  • Whites: Clean, creative, classic and can be used in every color pallet.
  • Black: Powerful, sophisticated, stable and at its strongest when paired with white.
  • Cool Neutrals: Balanced, practical, formal and creates a modern feel.
  • Warm Neutrals: Reliable, wholesome, inviting and creates a sense of comfort and stability.

Lighting can also affect the paint color of your room. Always make sure to look at your color sample on your wall at various times during the day and evening. Observe it under natural light and artificial light from lamps and overhead lighting.

True Value’s Beauty by Design color pallet can handle small jobs or large. One room or your entire house. It provides simple solutions for all your painting needs.

Let our Hardware Associates in Doraville and Duluth win your painting business.

Check out truevaluepaint.com for more information.

We even have a MOOD Quiz for you to take to select your color!

Paint Mood Quiz

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