Have you seen the commerical airing on TV right now about the KobaltTools Double Drive Screwdriver?

It states at the end that it is “Exclusively at Lowes”

Except that True Value stores have had this tool since June 2012. We call it the Swift Driver. In fact, I blogged about the Swift Driver back in June.

Let’s compare these two product videos…

Yeah. It was exclusive to True Value at the time too. They got great reviews in nationwide publications and we sold a bunch of these. The Swift Driver makes a great father’s day gift. It is a great tool that really does speed up your work.

Pretty much the same tool, ain’t it. So… if you want, you can dial the 1800 number or you can go pick one up at your Big Box Lowes, but just so you know… we’re selling them too. Buy and support local.  In fact, you can buy a Swift Driver online at our online store.

True Value Swift Driver vs Kobalt Double Drive

True Value Swift Driver vs Kobalt Double Drive