Ventrac Compact Tractor Delivery

A great way to start a Monday involves delivering two brand new Ventrac 4231 Compact Tractors and attachments to a customer.

This morning we loaded up two 4231 Turbo Diesel Compact Tractors each with an MJ840 84″ Contour Deck. In addition the customer purchased a HQ680 Tough Cut Attachment, an ET200 Turbine Style Blower, and an EA600 AERA-vator. Both tractors are equiped with the Ventrac Dual Wheel Kit (Model 70.4067) and will be able to increase stability, traction and safety on slopes greater than 20 degrees (not to exceed 30 degrees.)

The customer already picked up a third unit this last week. All in all, he’ll have a fleet of three ventrac units to take care of his landscaping needs.

From Ventrac’s own website:

The 4231TD is perfect for golf courses, schools and universities, parks, street maintenance departments, commercial mowing services, contractos, wineries, farms, property owner associations, estate homes and anyone needing to: mow, blow, sweep, scoop and much, much more.

We’ll be sure to get some more pictures of these in action, but they looked too cool strapped down to the trailers to ignore a little publicity.

Howard Brothers is the only Ventrac Dealer in North Georgia and has been selling Ventrac Products for x years. They are fantastic products. Come check them out or let us arrange a demo for you.

Ventrac 4231 TD

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