Ventrac Snow Removal in Atlanta and North Georgia

I know what each of you were thinking this morning as you pulled back the curtain and saw the massive amount of snow that we got in Atlanta and North Georgia overnight. You immediately began to wonder if you had enough bread and milk in the house to hold your family through until you could get to the store again. You consciously decided to delay your commute by 2 hours so that you could avoid the terrible Atlanta drivers and their inability to drive in snow and on ice.

I was thinking about Ventrac compact tractors and their ability to remove snow.

Atlanta Snowmageddon 2013
Atlanta Snowmageddon 2013

OK, so I jest. This is the most snow we’ve received in two years. After snowmageddon of 2011 that put Atlanta on lockdown, we worry if the one snow plow that is owned by the department of transportation can handle its workload.

Ventrac Compact Tractors

Did you know that Howard Brothers sells snow blowers? Hard to believe, but our Ventrac customers have frequenly inquired about the Snow Blower Attachment for their Ventrac Compact Tractor. It is one of those attachments that you aren’t going to need to regularly use here in Atlanta and North Georgia, but if you’re using a Ventrac Compact Tractor to maintain your property, why not consider it?

Ventrac Snow Blower

You can keep the sidewalks and driveway clear of snow with one of the two Ventrac Snow blowers.

Ventrac Bucket Snow Removal

Don’t want to use the snow blower attachments? That’s alright, you can just use the bucket with dual wheels.

Ventrac Power Broom for Snow Cleanup

Check out this video of a Ventrac cleaning the snow off a pond in Canada in preparation for some hockey. I don’t think you’re ever gonna need to do anything like this here in Atlanta, but you can if you want.

In all seriousness, the Ventrac compact tractor is an amazing machine. There are so many great uses for it around here. If you have a large property or challenging areas that you can’t maintain, this may be the answer for you.

Want some more information on the Ventrac and any one of its attachments? Fill out the form below and our Ventrac salesman will contact you to set up a demonstration.


I am interested in the Ventrac Compact Tractors Field Day on September 8th. Count on me being there!

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