Winter Storm Preparation

Well… are we gonna get snow this week or will it hit south of Metro Atlanta… or will it take a dogleg left and pound Nashville? Who knows. One thing is certain, all the meteorologists in Atlanta are scratching their heads and have NO IDEA.

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Another thing that is certain is our inventory levels. The recent frigid weather that we’ve been experiencing in Atlanta and most of the country has really impaired our ability to order the common items that everyone is looking for. Heaters are almost non existent. Ice melt is out. Faucet covers and pipe insulation supply is very low. A lot of this product has been shipped up to northern states. Our supply warehouses are doing everything they can to try and get inventory back in, but it isn’t looking real good this week.

That being said, we still have a very limited supply of heaters, ice melt and snow sleds.

Propane and Kerosene is good at the moment.

It has been crazy. We’ve sold a LOT of pipe fittings and pipe over the past few weeks. Frozen pipes have wreaked havoc on Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. We’re still gonna be here if and when the storm hits, but we’re going ahead and throwing it out there, that supplies are very limited. Don’t want to cause any more panic, but act now if you need anything. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Last thing that is certain… we’ll be cooking out on our Big Green Eggs on Sunday as we prepare for the Super Bowl in short sleeve shirts and shorts.

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