We Won an Indie!

On Monday, we were informed by the good folks at Independent We Stand that we had placed first in the week long voting for the Indie. Many of you already know this, but this was an award that was being given to recognize the best locally owned business in the country. What an amazing honor this was to be chosen.

We have a ton of fans and followers and were overwhelmed by the turnout and dedication of those of you who voted. Many of our customers came into our three locations and were asking about it. We had a lot of followers on Facebook who were enlisting friends and family members to vote for us.

During the voting process on the Independent We Stand Website and especially on Wednesday, we started to think about the other semi-finalists. We considered the value that they would receive from the prizes. Even before the results were tallied, internally we had considered that if we did win, we’d want to give the prizes to our fellow semi-finalists. We’re constantly working on our web site. In fact, we have some exciting things that will be coming in 2012 that will make the site even more interactive and useful. That being said, we recognized that Mummphys Book Nook of Elkhart, Indiana didn’t have a current site and they would really benefit from having one.

In addition to being a True Value Hardware store, we are also an Atlanta Area STIHL dealer. It was immediately decided to split that voucher between the other 4 semi-finalists. STIHL has always been a fantastic product for us to represent in our Outdoor Power Equipment division. The very fact that they support locally owned business and are continuing to create a place for conversation around buying local is evidence of their DNA.

Locally owned businesses are a part of the fabric of this nation. There are a LOT of great companies that are locally owned and standing tall in their communities. We’re really looking forward to 2012 and our future. Thanks for standing with us.

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  1. REEL classic horticulture inc. Terry Johnson

    Way to go…your whole team is an example to the rest of us on how to truly serve.

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